Author: Gabriella Wade


Beautiful Fireplace Investing in a fireplace is something many homeowners consider to be essential. In fact, some of them list the fireplace as one of their major criteria when looking for a new home. They are on the right track after all because experts believe that this heating structure not only contributes to the beauty […]

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When To Upgrade Your Flooring Carpet and flooring are overlooked when it comes to pure and effective ways to transform the look of a home or a business. How long has the current option been in place for you? In many homes or businesses, it has been a decade or longer since they changed. Take […]

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The kitchen is one of the places that often get neglected when renovations start. One thing that I have noticed is that most people would die for a new look in their kitchen, but are afraid of the costs involved and the extensive downtime while they wait for the work to be done. Also, this […]

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