Inviting Appeal

Adding the curb appeal is one of the most efficient ways you can renovate your home. Any homeowner should bear in mind that the first impression matters a lot and we would like others to have a memorable picture they capture when they first visit our homes. Your home should be attractive to you and those who visit you including home buyers. In fact, an attractive home will capture the attention of home buyers once you post your house for sale may be in the newspaper and doing it cannot even cost you a fortune. The following are the 8 best and easy ways you can add curb appeal to your home.

Paint the door of your house
A painted door gives your house a welcoming look to you and the outsiders. Paint will work well in covering any dirt that may be present on the door thus attracting potential home buyers any time you wish to sell your home.

Replace your old doormat
Getting a new doormat when your current one gets stained, dirty and worn out can easily change the entire appearance of your home. Since it is placed at the entrance of the door, it will be the first thing that any visitor will see at a glance even before he or she gets into the house.
Put a couple of matching plants in the front yard
Plants are among the few simple things that can give a home a vibrant look. In fact, this is the cheapest way because it will improve the appearance of your home without spending much on the plants.

Look for fresh mulch for the flowerbeds
Here, many people let the mulch on their flower beds last there for years without replacing them. Ensure that you replace the mulch after every few years so that soil will not be eroded by wind and rainwater and also to eradicate weeds that may be growing in your yard. Mulch replacement is a cheap way that can leave a wonderful look on your flowerbed.

Keep your yard clean
It is always good to clean your yard by picking all the trash and raking old leaves that may be lying in the yard. You should also ensure that your gutters are clean by removing all debris once a year. This is because if the gutters happen to be clogged, they can cause a fire to your house. You should, therefore, maintain gutter cleanliness as much as possible.

Replace the knobs and locks
Outdated locks, knobs, and door accessories can give a poor impression to your home. Ensure that they are up-to-date and that they look more modern.

Trim the bushes and shrubs regularly
Don’t ever let those bushes and shrubs to overgrow as this may make your home look scary and dark. Trim them now and then to make your home a nice and eye-catching place to look at.


Add new shutters or trim to your windows
In websites such as Craigslist, it is possible for you to get cheap outdoor trims and window shutters at a low price. You just need to buy and paint them in any color of your choice. When you hang them to your windows, your home will end up having a new appealing and vibrant look that will capture the attention of the onlookers.