Add Some Stain

A Wood Fence is a kind of investment that needs protection if you want the best out of it. A large number of families who have a wood fence in their backyard stains it every two to three years. Staining your wood Fence is a great way to protect it from the dangerous UV Rays of the Sun and make it last for 10 to 15 years easily.


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There are a number of reasons to Stain your Wood Fence. Here are a few Reasons which will make you understand that why you should stain your wood fence.


Protection From The Sun

Have you Ever wondered that your Wood Fence gets an endless beating down from the Sun on a daily basis and how badly it could be affecting it? Direct Sunlight on the Wood Fence makes it lose its color and become brittle leaving it with a faded look. But if you stain your wood fence, it will limit the damage from the UV rays of the sun by a large amount and hence your Wood Fence will be strong and in Good Look for a much longer period of time.


Prevention From Rotting

You must know that your Wood Fence also acts almost like a Living Tree and hence it will also soak up water like a tree which can result in rotting of your wood fence. But Staining your Wood Fence will not let this happen so easily because it acts like a sealant for the wood fence and doesn’t let the water slide inside your wood fence keeping it safe from rotting and helping it maintain its structural integrity for much longer.


Beautiful Finish

Everyone is aware of the fact that nothing remains new and in a good look for much longer and this fact applies to your Wood Fence as well. Only after a couple of years of installing the wood fence, it starts looking dull and faded. But staining your wood fence, when done in a proper manner, gives it a beautiful finish and makes it look new and colorful all over again.


Increased Lifespan

Now, this benefit of staining your wood fence is the ultimate result of all the benefits. This is, without any doubt, the primary reason why people chose to stain their wood fence every two to three years so that they can increase the lifespan of their wood fence by at least 5-6 years. So Staining your wood fence not only protects it from Sun, Rain and from getting a dull look but also helps you in saving money in the long run.


Increased Property Value

A good looking fence will definitely increase your property value by a good amount and that good amount will always be bigger than what you will be spending on staining your wood fence.


Reading the above-written benefits, probably now you have understood that why you should stain your wood fence. Therefore you should stain your wood fence every two to three years and it will last for a much much longer period of time than it usually does without the stain.

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